This review is tentative and apologetic, because I was blown away by their dinner and the brunch was a bit disappointing. I am sure (I sure hope!) that this is because we went there in the beginning weeks of their brunch service and they will work out the kinks.

Nutella-Marionberry Brioche

Smoked trout with crispy poached egg

Red Flannel Hash

Crab Benedict when they first served it…

Crab Benedict after we asked if they had perhaps forgotten the hollandaise and they took it back and dressed it
All the things:

  • The toast would have been a yummy snack except it was completely burnt. Like completely black.
  • They forgot hollandaise on the Benedict…
  • The portions were super miniature. Definitely not enough to fill me up.
  • The red flannel hash was the best.
  • The crispy poached egg was really good but the dish overall was underwhelming – maybe just because it left me hungry, though.
  • Service was friendly, distracted, extremely apologetic. Maybe she was working alone? She comped our burnt toast and our coffees that were forgotten.

I will give them a few months to sort things out and try again, and will order a lot more food next time (or eat a snack first…).