Spicy Yuzu Albacore (on mixed greens)
Hawaiian Ahi (on mixed greens)

  • They wouldn’t do half rice and half greens which is a bummer. But you can order a side of brown rice for $2
  • Portions were too small. These are plates, not bowls. I would have liked a bowl of greens, not a sprinkling of greens. As is, this is a very light lunch portion, not a substantial dinner. Tyler had a piece of pizza afterward (even with the Miso soup and side of rice)
  • No preference between the 2 types of tuna (they were both great) but I liked the Hawaiian sauce better between the 2. I should have built my own bowl to customize toppings to my likings.
  • Miso soup: fine.
  • At $33 for a decent-but-not-breathtaking meal that wasn’t very filling, I probably won’t come back unless I am specifically craving a very light salad as a big snack or small meal. Would be better off ordering sashimi and a salad at a decent sushi spot. I like the concept, but the execution isn’t quite there.