grapefruit brûlée …

Pulled Pork Hash (with tortillas)

Farmstand hash (with chicken-apple sausage)

This place used to be my secret magical place that didn’t have waits on the weekends but those days are over. 

The food is amazing. I love this heaping mound of vegetables for breakfast. The chicken apple sausage is sooo good.

The grapefruit brûlée is bammer (that means not good). They used to put a little wedge of grapefruit brûlée on each dish as a garnish that was heavenly, but brûléeing an entire 1/2 grapefruit ruins the proportions and delicacy.

Note: I had the “sweet lime stumbles” cocktail – Darjeeling, vodka, lime, agave. It was very bad. I could only stomach a sip or two