Happy hour! (Graciously honored by the bartender at 5:58pm)

I love that they bring complimentary edamame.

HH Nigiri set: A good deal at $7. The dish is a rotating selection. That evening it was toro, albacore, wild coho salmon, and surf clam. I wasn’t expecting to like the surf clam but it was actually quite good. My least favorite was the salmon, but it was still alright.

HH NW Philly Roll: I don’t usually go for fried rolls, but I’m a sucker for raw salmon and cream cheese, and the happy hour roll options are limited

This was a very satisfying dinner for 1. The 2 dishes along with a decent enough glass of sauv blanc ran me $18. I’m a fan.

Non Happy Hour visit (January 2017):

Green machine with albacore – my long standing favorite roll here

Butterfly roll


May 2017

Kimono roll – new favorite roll

I think this might be the Friday the 13th roll?

Eel, surf clam, tuna aburi (savory) … Love the tuna aburi, not into the rubbery surf clam…

The trout was really outstanding

Black Bean Cauliflower – ok. I liked the sweet and sour version better

Scallops. I’ve had way better scallops. These are fine, but not worth the price. Small too.

Mushrooms. Kinda meh

Can’t remember the name of this cocktail but it was unreal delicious. Herbacious. The ingredients sounded like a healthy herbal remedy.

Lychee martinis are also very tasty