Happy hour! (Graciously honored by the bartender at 5:58pm)

I love that they bring complimentary edamame.

HH Nigiri set: A good deal at $7. The dish is a rotating selection. That evening it was toro, albacore, wild coho salmon, and surf clam. I wasn’t expecting to like the surf clam but it was actually quite good. My least favorite was the salmon, but it was still alright.

HH NW Philly Roll: I don’t usually go for fried rolls, but I’m a sucker for raw salmon and cream cheese, and the happy hour roll options are limited

This was a very satisfying dinner for 1. The 2 dishes along with a decent enough glass of sauv blanc ran me $18. I’m a fan.

Non Happy Hour visit (January 2017):

Green machine with albacore – my long standing favorite roll here

Butterfly roll