This visit was not my first trip to Boke Bowl, so I knew what I was getting into beforehand. This is a “Portland” version of ramen – with seasonal vegetables, gluten-free options, and a lack of authenticity. But it is still tasty.

Tyler ordered the pork dashi ramen. I ordered the spicy chicken miso ramen. Amanda and Dylan also ordered the pork.

Pork Dashi Ramen

Chicken Miso Ramen with Chicken Sausage


Run Down:

  • Broth – pretty good
  • Noodles – nothing special
  • Pork – decent
  • Chicken sausage – delicious but had no business being in a bowl of ramen – I took it home and ate it with rice for lunch the next day
  • Vegetables – fine. I always love delicata squash
  • The egg… Oh lord. First of all, I was grumpy you have to pay extra to put an egg in your ramen. Second of all, this is pretty much a raw egg. Granted, I should have read the menu closer to see that it says “slow-poached egg” and not “the kind of delicious egg you would expect: soft boiled and marinated in soy and mirin.” But the egg kind of ruined it for me. I tried burying it under my noodles to see if the heat of the soup would cook the clear part out of the whites, but no such luck. Worth noting that this was not a fluke egg as every bowl of ramen at our table had an equally runny egg.


This is a fantastic place to come with a group of mixed-eaters as there are gluten free and vegan options galore. The counter service makes it feel casual and easy – but there is also a full bar which is great.

Next time I will try more of the side dishes as I remember liking those in the past. And I will never get the egg again.

For the quality of overall taste, I would call this meal slightly overpriced ($12 and $15 for these 2 bowls) – seeing as you can get much better ramen at lower prices at Marukin, Mirakutei, or Yama.

I will come back here gladly, but always knowing that I am not entering into the dream world of magic ramen fantasies.