If your friend visits from out of town and loves sour beers and you find yourself here wondering what to eat and drink, the answer is: pretzel + honey lime ginger.

The “Duet” – meat and cheese plate

Caesar Salad

Half-eaten pretzel with beer cheese

House Salad

“Garlic Bread”

The Run-Down:

  • Meat and Cheese plate: pretty good. It was $20, which I thought was a lot compared to the actual amount of meat and cheese on the plate. Note that a quarter of the place is taken up by experimental pickled fruits and vegetables (pickled pears??? no thank you). The cheese selection was quite good though.
  • Pretzel and beer cheese: delicious!!! The beer cheese was a great dipping for all the bread on the table.
  • Salads: Simple. Good. Nothing special.
  • Garlic bread: Okay, I was going to be grumpy that this dish was called “garlic bread,” but I just looked at the menu online and it is actually very accurately called “bread and roasted garlic.” It is just that – a head of roasted garlic still in the peel, some oil, and a heap of day-or-two-old bread. I was super uninterested in this dish.
  • “Bar snack mix:” This was not pictured, but it is basically a handful of popcorn with a few peanuts in it. For $2.50. Teacup-sized.



The next time I am here, I will probably try not to order food. If I need a snack, the pretzel is the best choice. I really enjoyed the dill pickles that came on most of the plates (but not the bread and butter pickles that came next to them).

Also, as I am not really into sour beer (or most beer in general), I should note that the one thing I should drink when here is the Honey Ginger Lime Ale. Super tasty.

Oh yes, it is worth noting that we found a bolt in the caesar salad. They took $50 off the bill (after we caused quite a fuss about it).