Stopped in to the location on SE Ankeny next door to Nong’s before going to a show at the Doug Fir on a Friday night. Since they have a different ramen every night of the week, we got one of each of the meat broths. Plus gyoza.


Tonkotsu Shoyu

Tonkotsu Red



Very, very good. I love that you do not have to special request toppings. They just make it proper with the pork and the egg and the veggies. Why is that a thing at other places? The toppings are a fundamental part of the soup.

The red is definitely the spicier option – I preferred it to the original, but they were both excellent. The gyoza as well.

The most unfortunate thing about this place is that it is one block from my #1 favorite ramen spot, so I probably will not be there much. They also have another location in Pine Street Market.