Bulgogi Beef Bowl (usually comes with avocado but they were out of it)


I love the food at Namu. They have a cart in the SE Division pod as well as in the pod at the bottom of the OHSU tram, so I’ve eaten there quite a bit. Probably my favorite dishes are the Bibimbop or the vegan bowl (add an egg or meat…).

Some things I don’t love about Namu – they are not great about what to do when they run out of something. This most recent visit they told me they were out of avocado after I ordered the dish. Which is a bummer, because that is a really special part of the dish. But more of a bummer is that they don’t offer anything in it’s place or to offer to drop the price some marginal amount or anything. Just – too bad, no avo for you lady. Also, the time before that I waited in line for about 10 minutes to order and when I got to the front of the line, I was told they were out of rice. Kind of a big deal for a place that mainly serves rice dishes. I asked why they didn’t put up a sign up to keep people from waiting in line for rice dishes, and they said that they are not allowed to do that. So anyways I am kind of mad at Namu right now. But I will still go back because I like their food a lot…


April 2017

Aloha bowl with an egg