San Diego trip! Some spots to return to in San Diego:

1. Wow Wow Waffle


So, I’ve never had a waffle this amazing in my life. The #7 is the most popular, and we both got it. Holy shit balls. Goat cheese, avocado, and candied bacon all on top of an amazing sweet brioche waffle.

The setting is cute. It is in North Park, a super cute lil neighborhood. It is tucked back behind a laundromat and is basically a food cart with cute covered seating.

This is the mecca of waffles. The coffee is good too.


2. South Beach Bar and Grille

Ceviche – delicious. Spicy!!!

Poke – tasty!!!

Fish Tacos!!!

So we were recommended this spot as a fish taco spot. They advertise themselves as something along the lines of “World’s Best Fish Tacos!!” or something like that. Anyhow, they were amazing. The Mahi tacos are their standard – I got one of those and one shark taco, because now I can say I’ve eaten a shark. The Mahi fish taco was the highlight of the meal. I scraped off some of the tomatoes and white sauce because it was a little much for me, but it is a tasty sauce.

This spot is in “OB” (san diego lingo 👍)