Lovely sunny day lunch at the SE Division food carts.

I like this group of food carts quite a bit. There are so many options – and several carts with good clean food options, including a reasonably priced salad cart (Garden Monsters) and a tasty soup cart (Tortoise + Hare). There is also delicious looking pizza, Scandinavian food, Mexican food, Greek food, Indian food, Thai food, Hawaiian food, Japanese food, veggie burgers, waffle sandwiches, etc etc… I usually go for a bibimbap or a vegan bowl at Namu, but today they were out of rice… (??)

Long story short, we tried Eat Well, which is a new cart in the NE corner of the pod. Simple, clean, cheap.

Jacqui’s bowl. The “Coconut Red”

My bowl. The “Green Machine.” Hiding under the kale, cilantro, green onions, and limey green sauce is avocado, brown rice, black beans:

Verdict: This was very tasty! And only $6. I do wish there had been less rice and more sauce. I will re-order this (the next time I feel up to digesting raw kale). I will ask for extra sauce though.