Date night at Cafe Castagna:

Bourbon Basil Shrub


Caesar Salad


Chanterelle Pizza


Roast Half Chicken

The food:

  • Bourbon Basil Shrub: Yum! I was struggling to decide between a fruity girly drink and a strong sip of whiskey and this drink gave me both. It was too sweet to drink several of but perfection as a single cocktail. Bourbon, cherry balsamic, lemon, ginger.
  • Caesar Salad: So good! There is always more dressing than I want on a salad, but in this case the copious dressing was necessary and so welcome. I also never eat the croutons, but these were so really good. Lemony and crunchy in the best of ways.
  • Chanterelle Pizza: Also topped with Walla Walla onions and Taleggio. I always regret ordering pizzas without tomato sauce, but the chanterelles were so delicious that I decided I was okay with it. We loved this pizza. [note: our neighbor was eating the margherita pizza and it looked amazing…]
  • Roast Half Chicken: With braised greens, lemon, and parsley. This was very good, but as I should have known before ordering, obviously not the most exciting thing on the menu. It was cooked well and seasoned simply and tastefully. The greens tasted more like a healthy necessity than a complimentary side dish.


Verdict: The service was very friendly. The food was fantastic. The ambiance was nice as well. Overall, we were not blown away to the point of making this a regular on our “splurge” nights, but we had a lovely dinner and are glad to have tried it.

Oh one more note: they do offer a happy hour (5-6 and 9-close) but even on this menu you are still paying $8 for a butter lettuce salad, $10 for a cheeseburger, etc, so don’t bother.