Woohoo! People have been telling me to try this place for a while, and I’m glad I finally got around to it. We were walking down Mississippi and stopped off to have a bite before going to a show.

Complimentary side of pickles and olives with our order??? Yes, please!

Cheese Burekas!


“Gorg Salad” with 2 falafel balls added

Falafel pita wrap


  • Pickles and olives without me even asking??? I am hooked. I don’t like pepperoncinis but seriously those pickles were the key to my heart.
  • Cheese Burekas: I think this is the first time I’ve seen Burekas in the states! Yummy, gooey, cheesey. The harissa on the side is a nice thought, but I prefer my burekas straight up. Not the best I’ve ever had, but I just appreciate the fact that it was there. And it was tasty.
  • Gorg Salad: “gorgonzola crumbles, caramelized walnuts, raisins, red peppers, red onion, shredded beet and carrot on mesclun greens with house balsamic vinaigrette.” This was a great salad, but I should have asked for dressing on the side. It was drenched. (Salad = $6.50. With 2 falafel patties = $8)
  • Falafel Pita Wrap: “hummus, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, parsley, falafel and salad greens covered with tahini sauce on a warm pita” for $7.50. As a lay person, this was a tasty wrap. As the true harsh falafel critic that I am, this is obviously a second-rate americanized falafel. Falafel should be deep fried to order. These appear to have been reheated with a minute on each side in a saute pan or maybe a toaster oven, which leaves them a bit dry, grainy, mealy, crumbly. Also, this is not pita, this is a fluffy tortilla. All that said, this is still a tasty american sandwich. Just think of it as a garbonzo patty instead of a falafel.


Verdict: I will be happy to eat here again. I will remember to put my quest for authenticity aside when I do so.


Note: there are locations on N Mississippi, one downtown at the carts on 10th, and one at SE 28th and Ankeny. This meal was on Mississippi