Our weekend safe haven. We have come here both Saturday and Sunday on multiple weekends.

2 egg breakfast with hash greens and a side of chicken apple sausage

Toast with Pears and Chevre!


Don’t tell anyone about my secret place! This is far enough out of the “hip” neighborhoods that I am hoping we can keep this place to ourselves. The service is seriously slow as f*&%, but somewhat friendly. Bring your own aardvark sauce – they don’t have any. PS if you ask for salsa for your eggs they will charge you $2 for the side. Oh – cash only.

We pretty much always split the 2 egg breakfast and the pear and chevre toast, but here are some more dishes we’ve had on other days:

Salmon Scramble

Shift Meal with Carnitas – the carnitas here are bomb. All the mexi-breakfasts are bomb. That green salsa is pretty bomb. Don’t forget to get the salsa on the side so you can give some to your GF for her eggs.


Update: We kind of had to stop coming here… The service has always been really ridiculous (lots of people waiting for tables, tons of tables open, and the super stoney staff kinda just walking slowly in circles, looking around, pushing in chairs, staring at the wall, or chatting behind the bar), but since it is starting to get pretty busy here, we have started finding the service less hilarious and quaint and now are finding it more along the lines of super annoying…