Nice ambiance for a cocktail. The food here is nothing to go out of your way for, but it is decent enough if someone invites you here and you are trying not to be a food snob. This place is mostly about sexy lighting and vibes, which it does well. Service is a little weird, but good overall.


8oz Ribeye ($19). The potatoes au gratin underneath it were pretty delicious. I’m not that into just straight-up steak, but Tyler enjoyed it.


Tuna Poke ($12). This was my entree. Ryan ordered this as an appetizer, and after trying his, I asked that they leave the sauce on the side for me. It was not awful, but a bit much. The pile of raw tuna, avocado, and sesame seeds without sauce was still tasty in its natural form.


Half eaten “chocolate lava cake.” There was literally no cake, just lava. But, a bowl of chocolate mush is still chocolate, so there’s that.

Not pictured:

  • the burger (with egg, bacon, and cheese) – this was probably my favorite thing on the table, but asking $16 for it is a bit much
  • the butternut squash enchiladas ($12) – good, but not something I would reorder
  • bacon wrapped dates ($9 for 6) – hard to go wrong here. I have yet to meet a bacon wrapped date I did not enjoy.
  • chicken liver mousse ($9) – I was not into it. Funky flavor.


I think the only worthwhile trip to the Sapphire Hotel is for happy hour – get a couple of cocktails and a salad. Here is the happy hour menu: