I lovvvvve this plaaace. Have for years. Best ramen and sushi in town under the same roof. Every other bowl of ramen and piece of nigiri I have, I compare to Mirakutei.


Gyoza!!! I should probably also say best gyoza in town. So good that even if for some awful reason there was no sauce, I would still love these delicious perfectly fried dumplings.


Eggplant tempura topped with Spicy Tuna — I order this dish every time I come. Sometimes two orders. It was tasty this trip, but somehow not as orgasmic as I remember. Maybe not enough sauce?


The nigiri here is so perfectly done. Top left: salmon belly aburi. Bottom left: amberjack. Bottom right: yellowtail. Top right: unagi. The order in which I listed them also reflects their rankings (with salmon aburi taking first place)


I go apeshit for that salmon belly aburi. We ordered more.


Genki ramen!!! Why is this shit so good? The noodles here are the besssst. Firm. Curly. The broth is perfect. Delicious scrambled eggs with shredded chashu pork. This time there were a pile of mouth-destroying peppers in the soup that I don’t remember being there before.


Other notes:

  • this was way too much food for 2 people!
  • I do not particularly care for any of their rolls here – I just get nigiri
  • I cannot vouch for this place when Hiro is not there
  • do not order the seaweed salad
  • I would like to try the Tonkotsu again, which I haven’t had for years. Also still have never tried the spicy miso.

From a later visit (deviating from my typical order):

Mirakutei Special (avocado, cucumber, salmon, masago, with seared sea trout, salmon egg, shiso on top)

Wagyu Steak and Japanese Mushroom

Hiro’s Crude Tuna Sashimi


  • This visit reflects poor ordering choices. Stick to usual order! (nigiri, ramen, gyoza, those eggplant things…)
  • I just don’t really like steak to begin with – this was really chewy. A little too rare.
  • The sashimi was good, but would have rather gotten something less creative.
  • The roll was good, as far as their rolls go, but I would rather just get some top notch nigiri than fill my belly with a roll here.