Since this is my regular spot, it doesn’t need a lot of explanation.


This is my usual. #18. Pho bo vien.

IMG_1129Occasionally Tyler goes for the Bun. This is #37. Grilled pork with egg rolls. I’m super not into the egg rolls, but I also don’t like egg rolls in general.


  • Their Buns do not have mint in them. They are otherwise tasty, but seriously lacking in mint.
  • Do not order veggie pho – it is 100% broccoli and pretty raw.
  • Small Pho is plenty. Large is overkill.
  • They have avocado bubble shakes!
  • The sesame covered spherical pastries beside the cash register contain an unidentified yellow object in the middle. Kind of sweet, not awful, not good.
  • They are happy to accommodate “light noodles” 
  • To-go order of broth when you are sick 


Chicken Teriyaki plate

Lemongrass pork and shrimp plate