Post-clinic shift tacos and margaritas! Going with a big group means I got to try a lot of tacos. For science. Tacos are small and range from $2 – $4 each.


The “Taquiza” – a dozen tacos for $20. Chef’s choice. They are all off of the “Tacos Tradicionales” menu. They gave us 2 each of: pastor, carnitas, chorizo, barbacoa, chicken, and surtido (chorizo, chicken, and beef).


Pastor is always my favorite, and this taco did not disappoint (grilled pineapple!)


Above pictured is the carnitas – also very tasty.


Mojo de Ajo (rockfish) taco = sooo goood

Great vegetarian options: fried cheese taco on the left, nopales on the right (photos taken post salsa-smothering)

Not pictured: Pulpo (octopus), Lengua, margaritas


Don’t come here without ordering the pastor and the mojo de ajo. Those were my clear winners. Runners-up: the barbacoa and the carnitas. While I’m not an octopus fanatic, the taco was presented in such a nice combination of sauce and texture that I really enjoyed it (previously I have disliked all octopus besides the grilled version at MEC). The lengua was also pretty tasty. Of the 2 veg tacos I tasted, I preferred the nopales that comes prepared in a tasty sauce (similar to the barbacoa) even pre-salsa. The cheese had a nice squeakiness but really relied on added salsa for flavor.

I will avoid ordering the chorizo and the chicken again. The chorizo was fine, just nothing special. In my opinion, chorizo only exists to make eggs more interesting. The chicken was rather dry.

Besides Tacos:

Despite the fact that they have a gazillion different salsas that I’m sure are all lovely, all I care about is the aguacate. That shit is gold. Despite seeing several types of liquor back there, the only cocktail I saw offered was a margarita – short, in a rocks glass, for $5. I was into it. I may have had 3 of them… They also had the biggest bottles of Pacifico I’ve seen in my life, so that is cool. With the small sized tacos, plan on eating 3-6 depending on hunger levels.

I love this place. It is more spendy than a taco truck, but worth it. I love all of Oswaldo’s places. I need to try the lunch time “de canasta” tacos sometime.

Here is a menu pic I swiped from the web – note that a few of the tacos on this list have increased in price about 25¢ …

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.59.03 AM


Also note, the SW location next to Providence Park has some killer Monday happy hour deals.