Note: This visit was just to graze, so no big notes on all the meats.

  • Chips: SO BOMB. The closest to Juanita Juanitas that I’ve found.
  • Salsa: The one that comes with the chips is not very good. Just get the green salsa from the fridge and eat that instead. The guacamole is also nothing special.
  • Ceviche: It looked delicious and had a nice flavor, but it was so fucking spicy that even Tyler’s parents couldn’t finish it. And they are better at spicy than me. We couldn’t figure out what was so spicy either – every individual component of the dish was mouth-burning. I wonder if it is not usually like that because when I mentioned to the dude at the counter that the ceviche destroyed us he was like, “huh that’s weird. Maybe they used hotter peppers on this batch.”

Tyler recently has tried both of the pork options on tacos/burritos and is more into the Pork Adobo than the Pork Mole Verde, although he liked that too.