Gyoza: Tasty. Cooked perfectly, nice texture. Pretty much all of the flavor here comes from the dipping sauce, rather than the dumpling, which I am okay with.

IMG_6251Nikumiso Ramen

Obsessed. This ramen is absolutely delicious. Tonkotsu base with spicy ground pork. The broth is so tasty – much more complex with the spicy pork than in the original Tonkotsu. I am still curious to try the rest of the Ramen menu. I have ordered this one several times.

Sushi rolls:Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.27.57 PM

Left: Hawaiian roll. Right: Rock and roll.

sushi2Spider Roll

IMG_6257Rainbow Roll

IMG_6255Mardis Gras Roll

Salmon and Avocado roll

Rainbow roll, Rock and Roll, Spider roll: Rather generic. None of these are my picks. They are all done well but nothing special. Usually eel speaks to me more – the Rock and Roll was decent but nothing to write home about.

Mardis Gras Roll: Yum! Fried shallots and crawfish on top of a California roll.

Hawaiian Fever: Can’t decide how I feel about this. The spicy tuna and spicy salmon are kind of mashed up in an indistinguishable mess. I am prone to be obsessed with anything combining raw fish with mango, but I am frustrated that Yama’s options of mango sushi rolls all sound kind of the same (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, avocado, mango – in one shape or another). It was good but did not reach its full potential. The cover photo shows a close up of this roll.

Salmon Avocado Roll: Yes! Simple, delicious. This is what I want in a roll. I don’t like all the frills.



Nikumiso ramen = phenomenal. Gyoza = tasty. My go to roll here will be that salmon avocado. I greatly appreciate the complimentary edamame that comes out right away.  Also I followed Mark’s lead with a glass of King Estate Pinot Gris which was a refreshing, light accompaniment to the meal.

Update: Visited on 10/19:

Got the Nikumiso Ramen again. This time we were less impressed. The ground pork was more like a dry hamburger someone crumbled up on top of the soup…

Got the Kobe beef roll on the waitress’ recommendation. Good. It was a little too complex and rich I thought. Also it’s weird to mix in a piece of food like steak that you have to really chew thoroughly alongside rice and spicy tuna. But still, tasty.

Got the riesling- ok for a $6 glass of wine.

Another visit (7/22/16… out of order…):


Little bite of Maguro Nigiri


Original Tonkatsu Ramen

I like this style of noodle. I also like that there weren’t too many of them. The pork is fine, nothing too exciting. The toppings besides the pork are just bean sprouts and micro greens – I wouldn’t have minded an egg or some gyoza or something… The most important thing in a bowl of ramen is the broth, though – and that was quite good. $11 for the simplest bowl. I’m curious to try the miso ramen next. But this one receives a thumbs-up.

Not pictured:

  • real-crab California roll
  • Midtown Roll (tuna, yellowtail, avocado, masago)

Both good, neither good enough to be a “usual” order.