Finally made it here – so close to home too!

Came on a Wednesday and got both of the Wednesday soups – Bun Bo Hue (“spicy beef noodle soup”) and Bun Man Ga (“bamboo shoots chicken noodle soup”):

IMG_6141.JPGBun Bo Hue:

Delicious broth! I wished we weren’t sharing both soups so I could eat all of this one myself. As usual for me with traditional Asian types of soups, I struggle to be adventurous on interesting cuts of meats. I could have done without the gelatinous strips of pork and leathery beef, but I still ate some. Also included is thin pancake-like fish cake, which is very neutral in taste. We did not add any sauces because the broth was perfect as is.

Bun Man Ga:

This one had a strong smell of “stable,” and it also had a strong taste of “stable.” Adding a large dose of hoisin, chili oil, and lime helped to neutralize this. Tyler postulated that it was the bamboo shoots, but I am not sure. Once it was all sauced up, I enjoyed it eating it on its own, but every time I switched between the two soups the stable flavor was always more noticeable after having a bite of Bun Bo Hue.

Verdict: I ended up enjoying both, but next time I go on a Wednesday will just order the Bun Bo Hue


Other comments… Beware! The avocado milkshake does not come with tapioca bubbles. Also – closed on Sundays. Also – the owner is so sweet! Also they no longer serve dinner. The hours are 9:30 – 4:30 Mon-Sat

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